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Why Should I Join?

Fueled by the support of eligible colleagues across the franchise, the Huntington Colleagues’ Good Government Fund enables meaningful, transparent, and publicly accountable political participation. It provides a way for us to unite in support of elected officials who understand the critical role Huntington plays in the communities we have the privilege of serving. HBI-PAC amplifies our political voice in supporting qualified, responsible candidates across the political spectrum.

The partisan pendulum swings back and forth, and with our members’ consistent support, HBI-PAC is empowered to make contributions to those candidates who believe in our mission, share our Purpose, and support a thriving financial services industry. Accountability and transparency are critical to our efforts. HBI-PAC contributions are made in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, and all contributions directly support either candidates or committees that are required to disclose their contributors. 

Together with your colleagues from across the bank, your contributions help protect Huntington’s ability to serve our customers and advance our Purpose. 

Here are some other reasons to join HBI-PAC:
HBI-PAC is bipartisan. Our PAC has a long track record of supporting pro-banking candidates who understand are willing to take a strong stance on the issues that matter most regardless of party affiliation. 

HBI-PAC is transparent, and colleague owned and operated. HBI-PAC reports all contributions made by the PAC as part of the regular newsletter.  The HBI-PAC Steering Committee provides oversight and is comprised of colleagues from Huntington’s communities, regions and business segments.

Every dollar – no matter the size – makes a difference and goes directly to support candidates who support banking and are consistent voices of reason for our industry. 

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