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Track Record of Balanced Contributions to Candidates

 Our strong member commitment to HBI-PAC provides the resources necessary to make strategic contributions to bipartisan candidates and elected officials who recognize the role that regional banks (and the financial services industry, more broadly) play in supporting customers and communities across the nation.

HBI-PAC Contribution Guidelines: 

The HBI-PAC Steering Committee oversees the activities of the PAC including review and approval of the contribution guidelines. The Steering Committee provides valuable oversight of the PAC’s operations and guide our strategy of Purpose-forward engagement aligned with our business values.

The Huntington Colleagues’ Good Government Fund (HBI-PAC) is a non-partisan political action committee dedicated to promoting the business interests of Huntington Bancshares Incorporated through support of pro-banking, pro-business policy makers at the municipal, state, and federal levels.

All fund disbursement decisions shall consider the following contribution requirements:

• All expenditures must be in compliance with relevant campaign finance laws including adherence to contribution limits and reporting requirements.

• Candidates and organizations receiving contributions should reflect an understanding and display actions consistent with Huntington’s purpose and core values.

• Budget planning must strategically target disbursements in order to maximize and leverage the impact of individual colleague contributions.

• Budgeted contributions must reflect diverse partisan and inclusive balance, with allowances for long-term relationship building.

• Recipients must be responsible political candidates, advocate for a free enterprise economy, and must be responsive to the interests of the financial services industry.

• Candidates and organizations identified for support must be in a position to impact policy affecting the financial services industry or the business interests of Huntington Bancshares Incorporated and its affiliates.

In addition to the requirements above, candidates should fulfill at least one of the following guidelines to qualify for a disbursement:

•  Candidate holds or is a candidate for an executive office, judicial post, or position on a legislative committee that impacts matters of interest to the financial services industry and/or Huntington.

• Candidate is a member of controlling party or minority party leadership.

• Candidate holds a community leadership position that indirectly impacts the business interests and community perception of Huntington.

• A significant Huntington partner/customer has requested a contribution.

• Candidate is a rising star or future political leader.

Be Informed Be Involved. Huntington PAC.

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