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Yes! I wish to empower HBI-PAC to make contributions to candidates who believe in our mission, share our Purpose and, support a thriving financial services industry. 

In order to remain competitive, HBI-PAC has developed benchmarks for giving based on our peer organizations. These benchmarks are only suggestions. You may contribute at any level or not at all without reprisal. Please consider contributing at the suggested level.

HBI-PAC Suggested Guideline Giving
Annual Salary Base Level Per Pay Period
< $30,000 .20% $2.50
$30,000-34,999 .30% $3.75 - $4.37
$35,000-39,999 .40% $5.83 - $6.67
$40,000-44,999 .45% $7.50 - $8.44
$45,000-49,999 .50% $9.37 - $10.42
$50,000-74,999 .60% $12.50 - $18.74
$75,000-124,999 .70% $21.88 - $36.46
$125,000-149,999 .80% $41.66 - $50.00
$150,000 + 1.00% $62.50+

Thank you!

To complete your contribution at the next step you will also need your Colleague ID, available in your workday profile.

If you need help locating your Colleague ID please follow the steps outlined below or contact Government Relations 614-480-5567. 

Access “Workday” via “Essentials” home page 
1. Essentials > Colleagues > Workday 
2. Click on your image at the top right of the screen and select "View Profile".
3. Your Colleague ID number is at the top of the page under “Colleague ID” 

I understand my contribution is voluntary and will be used for the support of political candidates. My contribution level is indicated below. I understand my giving level will be reflected in payroll deductions until I revise or cancel this authorization in writing to HBI-PAC.

  • Giving Levels

  • - A contribution at the suggested giving level and have any salary changes automatically adjust your contributions to the suggested guideline.
  • - A contribution at the suggested giving level for your current salary.
  • - You may type in the dollar amount that you wish to contribute (per pay period).
  • - You may type in the dollar amount that you wish to contribute (one time contribution).


For more information, please click here.

Be Informed Be Involved. Huntington PAC.

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