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As regional banking has emerged as a top issue among federal policymakers, Huntington remains a positive force partnering with elected officials from both political parties. Huntington’s Government Relations team is engaged on the issues that matter most, collaborating directly with policymakers to promote and protect the role of regional banks in deploying capital and creating economic opportunity in the communities we serve.


Promote and Protect Regional Banking

– Ensure the strength, resiliency, and diversity of the U.S. banking system through balanced regulations that create fair competition and promote safety, soundness, and the flow of capital to the communities we serve

Affordable Housing
– Advocate for policies that create stability for the mortgage market, encourage homeownership, and promote investment in—and the development of—affordable housing 

– Promote and preserve uniform civil rights protections for colleagues at work and at home, including supporting the American Equality Act

– Streamline, modernize, and update the current system to enhance efficiency and effectiveness to combat financial crimes

Climate Change/Climate Risk
– Incentivize the transition to a low carbon economy and greater climate equity by prioritizing climate risk governance through individual corporate risk avoidance, enhanced market disclosures, and clear data standards 

Community Reinvestment Act Modernization
– Inform Congressional oversight of joint regulatory proposals on behalf of our stakeholders, increasing transparency, efficiency, equity, and community impact

Crypto, Stable Coin and Central Bank Digital Currency
– Encourage use case-driven policy that addresses fraud and advances safety, soundness, privacy, fairness, consumer protections, and market risk avoidance

Cyber Security
– Prioritize all of government harmonized response, national security accountability, investments, and protection programs

Data Security and Privacy
– Promote uniform national standards and shared accountability for breaches and data aggregation reporting

Economic Inclusion and Diversity
– Proactively promote policies that eliminate barriers to capital, enhance access, and offer support for Community Development Financial Institutions and Minority Depository Institutions as well as economically integrated communities

– Support institution-based, stakeholder-driven priorities and enhanced transparency in voluntary disclosures while balanced and consistent regulatory standards are developed

Fair Access
– Protect ability of banks to make credit decisions based on individual prudential credit risk frameworks

Fair Share Taxation
– Advocate for no shifting of or new bank taxes that fund nonbank programs

FDIC Insurance Modernization

– Support an evidence-based review of system gaps, including costs and benefits of any adjustments

Interest Rates/Fees/Caps

– Protect markets and consumers from unbalanced government intervention or rules that benefit one industry over another. Preserve consumer value and fair payment system access

ILC/Fintech/Buy Now Pay Later
– Support regulation that promotes innovation, ensures a level playing field, and solidifies consumer protections while preserving market safety and soundness 

Mergers and Acquisitions
– Protect market competitiveness and consumer access

Small Business
– Foster mission-fulfilling SBA policies that provide the most efficient, safe, and impactful benefits to encourage the long-term sustainability of the program and individual small businesses

US Competitiveness/Federal Funding Opportunities
– Leverage private investment and regional coordination to ensure Huntington markets benefit from historic government investments 

Affordable Housing

– Expanding or maintaining tax credits and valuation methods for low-income housing developments to ensure necessary capital to meet communities’ needs

Cyber Security
– Maintaining and advocating for exemptions for financial institutions covered by the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLBA). Encouraging states to support a uniform national standard

Data Privacy/Data Breach
– Supporting state-level exemptions for financial institutions subject to GLBA and other industry standards. Encouraging shared accountability for breaches and a uniform national standard

Economic Development Programs
– Promoting opportunities for efficiency and transparency while preserving the capacity for economic development programs to be nimble and responsive

Elder Financial Protection
– Supporting awareness, training, and appropriate reporting of possible exploitation of vulnerable adults across all industries while providing appropriate liability protection for reporting entities and appropriate investigatory
account freezes

ESG/Fair Access/Fiduciary Duty
– Protecting the ability of banks to make credit decisions based on individual prudential credit risk frameworks

Tax Credits
– Preserving tax credits utilized by the bank and our customers to spur investment in job creation, neighborhoods, and employment

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